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nickel alloys 'op puS metallic Hap 'u' choHwI'maj laH in contact with fluorine, hydrofluoric pey, bIQSIp fluorine, pagh latlh derivatives. SoHvaD jen resistance caustic alkalies cha' nickel tlhe' jan'e'. behavior seawater je pov, ghaH Dub resistance cavitation corrosion taHtaHghach copper-waw' alloys. laH ngat in contact with dilute taS pey tlhIl, QaQDaq sulphuric 'ej hydrochloric acids, particularly vaj chaH jejlaw'-tlhab. 'ach tlhoy pagh chromium Sev alloy, chaq ghur corrosion rates significantly pa' je oxidizing.

laH, qatlh offer cxmetnIt nickel wire, minimum diameter 0.3 mm, accpet laH maH tlham sample, neH details qa'ang.

nickel wire

item pong

nickel wire


UNS NO2200, UNS NO2201, N4 N6 N8


ASTM B161, ASTM B163

dimension (MM)

min dia0.3 ~ 6 mm



inspection luch

tensile waH

nickel jengva', nickel rod, nickel tube, je laH supply maH vaj, qaStaHvIS Daj pls enquiry ngeH maHvaD!